12LBS in 10 Days with USDA Organic Food

just a few dollars for a loaf of bread

Consumption every 2 hours or less.

I just finished reading a book by William Davis MD titled “Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health”, which opened my eyes to my unhealthy eating habits. In the book Davis talks about cutting out all wheat products (bread, pasta, rice, chips, etc) and substituting it with more fruits, vegetables and anything NOT containing wheat. Now, I am no expert but this sounds very similar to the Atkins Diet. Cutting carbohydrates out of your diet will definitely help you lose the weight but you can only do it for so long before the moodiness and hunger will push you to commit capital murder crimes. Besides you most likely gain all the weight back once you start eating carbohydrates again. Not sure about you but that does not seem like it would fix anyone’s eating problems in the long run. I do however agree with all of the negative side effects of consuming wheat products. In particularly I agree with wheat being addictive and requiring you to eat something containing wheat every two hours. Have you ever noticed how hungry you get right before lunch or keep snacking through the day? Not to mention the lack of energy, moodiness, and bloating after eating some carb’s? So I came up with a solution to substitute all of the “wheat” that William Davis talks about with USDA organic labeled food. For those of you who do not know, the USDA is super strict on giving away its lovely “USDA Organic” seal to anyone. However, when they do label food as USDA organic it means that “the product is certified organic and has 95 percent or more organic content.” My girlfriend and I have gone through our entire kitchen and got rid of any food that contained wheat (yes! even chewing gum). After that we took a nice trip to whole foods and purchased the food that we consume on a regular basis (bread, rice, etc) that contained the USDA Organic seal. I am proud to say that after eating organic food instead of just wheat containing food I have lost 12LBS in 10 days! We all know we should be eating healthy and this just shows you that if you do the rewards will be enormous. The question is WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ORGANIC FOODS? Drop me a line and let me know.

This will motivate you!


Ideas Worth Spreading,

Last week I attended a TED event at NJIT in Newark New Jersey. There were a lot of really good speakers but only one that stood out. Her name was Margaret Christian. She is a Biomedical Engineering student and was shadowing a surgeon, during her junior year in college that was performing valve replacement surgery. What the doctor does is he openes up a patient and injects the patient’s heart with calcium to stop it from beating so he can put a ring on the valve to make it work better. Margaret attended a number of these surgeries so she knew that the total time of the heart being stopped was about 40 min. She noticed that on this particular day the surgery was going over the 40 minute allotted time. Before stitching the patient up and finishing the surgery the final step was restarting the heart. On that day that heart did not start again. Although the calcium that is used to stop the heart to make the operation possible it also prevents oxygen from getting into it, which may end up damaging the heart. Watching a patient die on the table in front of her, standing there completely frozen and numb, Margaret said to herself “With all of today’s technology WHY does it take THAT LONG to stitch that little ring around the valve?” She said to her herself with tears in her eyes, while pointing her finger to the valve, “I am going to FIX THAT!” The difference between life and death is just a few minutes on the clock. This young 20 something year old women in one instance had a vision to what she will dedicate her life to. If only all of us would have those moments in life.

After listening to her I was energized to find my life’s purpose. Hopefully this does the same for you. Please, let me know what you think.